Customer and patient satisfaction

Customer and patient satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is in the core of our operations and as we are eager to better our service and learn from our customers, we execute electronic customer satisfaction query annually. On year 2017 we received fantastic results as 97,9% of the customers who answered the query say that they are happy with the service we provide. We also received some open comments from our customers which indicate the necesserity of our service entity as well as the fluency of co-operation.

Here's few of the comments:  

  • Thank you for good co-operation. Everything has worked fluently.
  • Co-operation with the staff has worked very well, they are excellent professionals. 
  • You're doing important work with good guidance and service. 
  • The staff is really friendly and helpfull.
  • Couldn't be better! Thank you for flexibility.
  • Flexibility during photography days is excellent.
  • Co-operation has worked very well, we receive good feedback from patients. 
  • Operation is reliable.


Your vision of our service at large:

Patient satisfaction

We are using Happy or Not -digital feedback collector to measure our patient satisfaction. Year 2017 we received 2035 replies and 95% of them were satisfied with our service! 

Question for the patients was: Your satisfaction to our fundus photography service today?